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This team is here to take you through a journey, that begins with creating awareness, consideration to your service, affinity, and up to your final destination of advocacy.

Loula Zaklama

Known for being the Iron Lady of Egypt, Loula Zaklama proudly introduced communication and public relations in Egypt back in 1982, which led her to become an icon within the industry.

She is a strong believer in the power of education and continuous learning,
driving Rada to be positioned as an academy. She continuously provides the market with young professionals, who are spreading their education of PR to most of the companies located in Egypt.

Her top reward was being acknowledged by President Abdel Fatah El Sisi for her
patriotism and impact on the Egyptian economy.

Her years of professional experience and outstanding networking and relations is one of
Rada’s strongest assets. She spreads her values and concepts across all of her teams, who she considers to be her family.

Sherine Zaklama

Sherine Zaklama is the Chairwoman of Rada Public Relations, with over 30 years of experience in marketing research and communication.

She has extensive experience in developing strategic communication campaigns, talented in communication training; specifically, media training, conducting media interviews, communication campaigns, the art of public speaking, and crisis management.

She is a member of various international affiliations and chambers of commerce.

She is an internationally accredited trainer by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in England (CIPR) a non-visiting professor at Misr International University (MIU), and The British University in (BUE).

In her capacity as Rada’s Chairwoman, her responsibilities grow in providing leadership for the organisation’s team, business development and fulfilling the vision and mission of the company.

“Rada is not only a public relations agency, it is an academy that provides the market with the most professional dedicated team of communication specialists”

Halim Abou Seif

Halim Abou Seif Halim Abou Seif is the CEO of Rada Public Relations, where he oversees the direction of the company, setting Rada’s strategies and ensuring highest clients’ service and satisfaction.

Halim is a renowned Public Relations Strategic Consultant, with over 30 years of experience in the fields of public relations and communication.

Halim is widely known as Egypt’s PR Guru, a label he has earned through his extensive experience in developing communication and crisis management strategies for international and local clients across both Egypt and the Middle East.

He is one of Egypt’s best trainers when it comes to media training, crisis management, conducting media interviews, and setting communication strategies.

He is also a certified trainer for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in England (CIPR), a non-visiting professor at Misr International University (MIU) and The British University in
Egypt (BUE).

Mido Barsoum

As the Digital Marketing consultant at Rada, Mido Barsoum handles research & development of social media strategies, and overlooks the workflow of the clients’ social media campaigns.

After obtaining a degree in 3D Computer Animation from the UK and despite coming from an
advertising & computer design background, Mido moved on to sharpening his digital skills in social media.

He is acquainted with the trending movement of Social PR, which enabled him to develop
several campaigns to help Rada’s clients establish a strong reach on social networks.

With a passion for the digital media world as well as previous experience in Public Relations, he copes with the Internet’s ever-changing platforms, including all the related technologies and adapting to them.

Mido is also a trainer for introductory and advanced Social Media sessions.

“I believe that my position at Rada is quite pivotal in bridging a generational gap. Old-school PR practices are slowly evolving into something much more visual and powerful than ever. Rada has given me an amazing opportunity to be part of this exciting change.”

Sandy Rashad

Sandy Rashad is Rada’s Group Account Director who is responsible for overseeing all work aspects and on-going projects while ensuring that the highest quality of services is provided to the company’s clients. She oversees and supervises a team of Account
Directors and manages the workflow of various clients for the agency.

She is a seasoned professional executive with more than 30 years of experience in the field of Public Relations. Her primary areas of expertise are the development of communication strategies, management, campaign planning, and implementation for international and local clients.

Sandy has a proven track record in the preparation of strategy documents for corporate and brand PR activities, with extensive experience in action plan formulation, execution, and post-event evaluation, including media monitoring/analysis. In addition to Crisis Management and Media Relations.

Sandy is actively involved in the organisation and execution of various events on the international level. She has a solid background in media outreach and manages communication with the media on behalf of clients’ interests.

Lobna El-Sabahy

Lobna El-Sabahy is a Strategic Director with over 15 years of experience in the fields of Public Relations, Communication, digital & social media, and Training.

Lobna manages the communication and development of a number of local and multinational clients in various industries. Her vast array of skills extensively covers strategic communication planning, public relations/digital campaign design, media relation handling, reputation management, generating & adapting press material, event management, and building corporate image.

Some of the most prominent clients that are handled by Lobna are Stellantis, Nespresso, and Janssen.

Nader Sherif

Nader is Rada’s strong arm in the Public Relations department, where he has great levels of passion for his work and maintains high quality and service to his clients.

With more than 15 years of experience in a wide variety of public relations
Activities, his scope of work includes planning strategic communications campaigns for local
and multinationals clients, media relations, CSR activities, press material, and
events management.

Nader is known for his strong interpersonal skills, relationship building and
networking with clients, liaising on a daily basis with clients, and the strong
knowledge of the clients’ portfolios and all their related activities.

He assists in conducting training sessions on how to handle the media, crisis issues
and reputation management sessions for a number of government authorities. He has a diverse client portfolio and is extremely professional in his interface with clients.

Ammar Abdel Latif

Ammar Abdel Latif is Rada’s Media Relations Director, with over 20 years of experience in the media and communication industries.

Over the years, Ammar has acquired invaluable insights about the media culture in Egypt. Consequently, he has succeeded in establishing long-lasting relationships with a variety of media entities across Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa.

With his previous experience as a journalist at Al Ahram newspapers, it is worth mentioning that Ammar is a professional copywriter, has an excellent network of government relations, and is a media trainer specialist.

Ammar is a member of the Journalism Syndicate. He is highly capable of producing valuable newsworthy content and creating cross-promotional opportunities for our clients.

Monzy Alaa El Din

Monzy Alaa El Dina is the General Manager of Rada PR Co. co-leading on short- and long-term business strategies, organisation well-being, and overall business growth.

Monzy is an accomplished Communications Professional with 15 years of diverse experience, focusing on Brand Communication Strategies, Brand Trial and Penetration, Direct Marketing Strategies, White Space Expansions, Strategic Alliances/Partnerships, and Media Planning and Buying, with bottom line achievements in a multinational environment.

Initially an expert in the FMCG industry, with a rich experience mix of corporate brand building and strategy/concept development from brand start-up to brand loyalty.

After a career turnaround, she added to her knowledge a sound organisation leadership angle, with 5 years additional experience in organisational leadership.

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