Communication without an “s”

The confusion is astounding. The word communications with an “s” refers to things like telecom, phones and other technologies that allow us to hold a conversation.

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A word from

the founder

Rada is a reflection of 50 years of my hard work and dedication. It is my absolute pride to pass this legacy on to all of the people who work in the field of communication.

My rewarding moments of success are earning the title of the Iron Lady of Egypt, and being recognized by our President Abdel Fatah El Sissi

What We Do

The 5 disciplines represent the foundation of
Rada’s strategic approach towards public diplomacy with specific emphasis on the adaptation and implementation of best practices in our clients’ communication mix

Communication & Public Relations

Rada takes public relations to the level where it belongs, reputation management.

Digital and Social Media

We manage “communication” in digital communication. Setting up strategies and making sure they are executed at the best level.

Media Monitoring and Analysis

Rada’s 24/7 services monitor brand reputation by analyzing mentions across print, audio, visual, digital and social media outlets.


Rada offers extensive courses that help in developing the necessary skills needed for productive communication.

Event Management

Rada’s event management services take our clients’ objectives to outstanding levels of performance. There is always something fresh that we add to the table of events.

Why Choose


Rada utilizes its global experience to deliver highest standard modern field practices. 

At Principal, bribery is never permitted as Rada Public Relations has zero tolerance for any corruption in business activities. We will not seek to influence others, either directly or indirectly, by offering, paying, or receiving bribes or kickbacks, or by any other means that is considered unethical, illegal, or harmful to our reputation of honesty and integrity.

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Meet Our Team

This team is here to take you through a journey, that begins with creating awareness, consideration to your service, affinity, and up to your final destination of advocacy.